For workplaces looking for an on-trend experience, Fooda teams up with local operators to offer locally sourced high quality food and coffee through our flexible convenience services. 


Agile inventory and service offerings

Fooda searches for the best operators in each market. Our model is based on local choices, rather than national contracts.

Partnered with Leading Local Providers

Programs tailored to meet changing needs and headcounts

Flexible & Customizable

Now is a good time to take 5 minutes and chat with Fooda about how we can meet your company's needs.

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225 W Randolph St, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60606
O: 312.662.6539    |    F: 312.264.0673

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A one-stop shop that covers all needs

Single Source

Available in every region in the US and Canada 

Widespread Presence

Pair your Convenience Service with other Fooda Products

A Strong Business Partner

Services are driven by technology and data

High Tech


Fooda Market is an on-trend grab-and-go micro-market with easy employee-paid self checkout. 

Fooda Pantry is an exciting employer-paid  snacks and coffee program that teams love.


Rotating Restaurant Popups: A Hot Food Experience

A Popup restaurant program managed by Fooda is like having indoor food trucks scheduled far in advance, with the option to subsidize meals for employees (fully, partially, or not at all).

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Workplace Convenience Services

Fooda consistently delivers on key promises for all clients across all products


With diverse options, customers do not experience menu fatigue

Being at work shouldn’t break the bank. Pricing is always fair and accessible 


Awesome products and brands that excite people

On Trend

Plenty of wellness choices

Healthy Options

Local businesses are the heart of everything Fooda

Locally Sourced

A Brand that People Love

Getting meals is straightforward

Easy, Tech Enabled Experiences

Fooda brings happiness to the workplace

Quality & Freshness

Customers only receive fresh, delicious food from Fooda

For companies that care about employee engagement and need to stand out in a competitive job market, Fooda Pantries provide fresh, quality snacks and coffee that is sourced locally. As a high impact daily perk, Fooda Pantry helps encourage people to be excited about being in the workplace.

For workplaces that care about having outstanding onsite amenities, Fooda Markets provide employees with reasonably priced, delicious food and beverages. 

Our fully customizable convenience programs leverage the best in class local providers you love. And since we are not limited to specific partnerships, we can search out and partner with only the best providers. Flexible and scalable, Fooda programs are based on modern client needs like shifting populations. Most importantly, the programs are exciting and create reasons to love and look forward to coming into the workplace.   

Fooda's Local Partnership Examples

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