Our program is designed to easily accommodate populations of any size. The number of meals brought to your workplace can be adjusted on short notice. As populations change, many of our clients have increased, decreased, or eliminated their subsidies to adjust for new situations. 

Subsidies are Flexible with Fooda

Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

Subsidies are Easy with Fooda

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Since Fooda’s subsidy program is modeled on a per-use basis, employers only pay for team members who are being served lunch on a given day. 

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Lunch Subsidies Encourage Employees to Stay Safely Onsite

With added precautions in place, many common activities have become stressful and take more time. Leaving the building during lunch can mean longer waits for capacity-limited elevators and possible temperature checks upon reentry. A subsidized in-house lunch program saves valuable time and helps employees stay calm and focused. 

Lunch Subsidies Lead to Productivity

Welcome Back Returning Teams with a Subsidized Lunch Program

Partial or full lunch subsidies increase morale and encourage employees to remain safely on site. With Fooda, you can have authentic restaurant food served in-house by trained and certified staff. Employers are often surprised by the affordability of our program, which is modeled on a cost-per-use basis.

Keeping teams safe is the top priority for every employer. How you handle lunchtime matters. Added exposure during the workday can occur when employees exit the building for meals (i.e. take out, and dine in). An in-house food program served by professionally trained and certified staff encourages employees to stay within the safe parameters of your workplace.

Lunch Subsidies Reward and Engage Returning Employees

As employees leave the comforts of their homes and return to work in a post-quarantine world, they will appreciate everything your organization does to help them feel safe and comfortable. A delicious employer-sponsored meal and the engagement that comes with it are a daily opportunity to rejuvenate your team.

Your employees will check out using the Fooda app. The employer-sponsored portion of the check is automatically deducted from the total, and the employee pays the balance. Employer administrators can easily set the subsidy amount for each employee and designate who is eligible.

Sample Costs

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Sample Costs

Fully Subsidized Catering






Sample Costs







Sample Costs







As more employees return, the program can be scaled up and subsidy amounts can be adjusted as needed.

Your Lunch Subsidy Supports Local Restaurants

The social movement to support local restaurants has never been stronger than it is today. Communities are empathetic to the fact that restaurants have gone through extended periods with empty dining rooms. A great way to help restore local restaurants is to provide the opportunity for them to serve your team.

Subsidies are Surprisingly Affordable with Fooda