Partial or full lunch subsidies increase morale and encourage employees to remain safely on site. Employers are often surprised by the affordability of our program, which is modeled on a cost-per-use basis. As with your custom relaunch plan, our subsidy program is scalable on your terms.

Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

Subsidized Perks Incentivize Participation and Sustain the Program

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Food Services Will Look Different in the New Reality

Trained and certified local restaurant staff bring fresh, authentic food and serve it during a two hour window, following strict health and safety guidelines. Rotating the schedule of restaurants visiting on a daily basis provides a high degree of variety, so employees are less inclined to want to venture outside the building. As populations increase, additional Popup stations are added until the cafeteria can reopen fully.

Temporary Popup Stations Served by Local Restaurants

Scalable and Flexible Onsite Food Programs Driven by Local Restaurants

In the post-quarantine world, keeping teams safe and engaged is important to all employers. How you handle food matters. To encourage people to stay safely onsite and help them feel better about returning to the workplace, it is essential to maintain an in-house food program.

Since workplaces are reopening their doors to smaller population sizes at the beginning, it is not feasible to operate a full scale cafeteria in the short or medium term. Doing so would be highly cost prohibitive.

Fooda Provides an Immediate Solution That is Flexible and Scalable Over Time

Changing populations require flexibility from your food service provider. Fooda is happy to work with your organization to create a cost effective phased approach to feeding your employees as they return. At its core, the program revolves around local restaurants that visit your location on a daily basis. Additional services like micromarkets, barista bars, and vending solutions are added as your population increases.

Your Lunch Subsidy Supports Local Restaurants

The social movement to support local restaurants has never been stronger than it is today. Communities are empathetic to the fact that restaurants have gone through extended periods with empty dining rooms. A great way to help restore local restaurants is to provide the opportunity for them to serve your team.

Fooda’s rotating local guest restaurant program allows your employees to feel excited and safe upon
re-entry, while rebuilding your corporate culture.


24/7 vending options
Guaranteed access to snacks and beverages at all hours.

Micromarkets with prepackaged items
Prepackaged grab and go options when people need food outside of regular lunch hours.

Barista service
As your capacity increases, onsite coffee breaks are an added perk that keep your tenets safely onsite.

Event catering
For all types of meetings and events, Fooda facilitates catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Advantage of Scaling with Local Restaurants

Fooda’s ability to curate a plan tailored to your changing population requirements will result in cost savings. Your community will look forward to fresh and exciting meals that your community will look forward to each day.

Fooda's Scalable Approach

Custom-built programs
Reopening and welcoming back employees is typically being done in phases. We understand that your organization may have unique food needs each step of the way. Your dedicated Fooda team will work with you on a custom tailored plan for your organization.

Scale up, or down, based on your budget and population
We all are charting unknown territories as we look to the new reality. With low population numbers, your Fooda program can start small (e.g. a single restaurant Popup) and scale up to a fully operational cafe as you welcome teams back in greater numbers.

Safety and morale
Rather than venture out for food, employees are encouraged to stay safely onsite, where they can enjoy a high variety of authentic food from visiting local restaurants. As an added morale boost, you can choose to subsidize all or part of each employee’s meal, powered by our mobile ap

Support authentic local restaurants
Local restaurants are recovering from some of the most difficult hardships they have ever encountered. A great way to help them restore business is to provide them with the opportunity to serve your team. Fooda’s entire program is driven by local restaurants.

Your Traditional Cafeteria Provider

One size does not fit all
With a full staff and high operating costs, traditional cafe providers cannot always provide the flexibility to curate a contract that meets your needs, nor do they offer the authenticity or variety that Fooda can facilitate.

Rigid contracts make it difficult to restore your program
Traditional cafe providers lack the flexibility to add or remove services based on your needs.

Absence of variety & technology
Repeating schedules can deter engagement, resulting in employees venturing off site for lunch (creating added exposure). Participation drops challenge the longevity of an onsite food program. Without the technology to support a subsidy perk program, you miss out on the opportunity to show appreciation to your teams.

Traditional operators lack authenticity
Meals sold by corporate food service conglomerates are not the most authentic option. With higher costs and predictable menus, it can be hard to rejuvenate your cafeteria and sustain an onsite food program.