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New times call for innovation. Our goal as a food technology company, is to define the future of food at work. Fooda's team has been working hard to meet the varied needs of our customers. We are proud to announce the addition of new product offerings and features, designed for today's world.

As people return to the office, staying in and staying safe is a top priority for all employers. Companies also want to encourage their teams to feel good about returning. Food plays a critical role in helping everyone feel comfortable and rewarded. With specific safety requirements and population numbers varying day by day, workplaces need a new kind of food solution that can handle their unique post-quarantine requirements.

Office Lunch Delivery

Fooda Office Lunch Delivery keeps people safe and enthusiastic about lunch in a post-quarantine world. Employees place their own individual orders, picking from different rotating restaurants each day. All food orders are delivered at once by a dedicated Fooda staff member, who is certified according to the highest health standards and trained specifically to work inside your building.

Each week brings a variety of exciting and authentic choices

Fooda offers your employees a virtual food hall, with different restaurant options every day. Mixing and matching between restaurants is encouraged and doesn’t cost extra.

We work with your building so your dedicated driver is pre-approved to come up the elevator and bring boxed lunches directly to your office, following all building safety procedures upon entry.

A dedicated driver makes direct delivery safe and easy

Unlike large catering orders, Fooda Delivery brings exactly what each employee wants each day – nothing more or less. Fooda delivery can accommodate a handful of people or hundreds.

Flexible, consumption-based model means no food waste or extra costs

70% of Fooda’s restaurant partners are independent local businesses that appreciate your team’s business.

Fooda is an ideal way to support local restaurants

Fooda utilizes maximum safety measures for COVID-19

Drivers are required to wash their hands regularly

Drivers wear gloves and masks

Drivers sanitize their bags before and after each shift

Food is individually packaged, sanitized, and labeled

Fooda Staff Members are up to date with ServeSafe certifications

The world has changed. Now is a good time to take 5 minutes and chat with Fooda about how we can meet your needs today and into the future.

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What is Fooda Office Lunch Delivery?

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Flat $1 delivery charge per person, per order.
(Minimum $50 per office to cover driver fees)

Fooda pricing is simple, affordable, & transparent

Most companies provide their team with some degree of subsidy. By contributing to all or even just a fraction of employee meals, people are encouraged to stay in and stay safe during lunch.

Employers can subsidize individual employee meals at any dollar amount

Keep Your Remote Teams Happy and Engaged

Introducing the Remote Employee Marketplace. An easy way to supply your team with the products they love when they are working from home.

Your organization has a strong track record of valuing your people. Your on-site food-at-work program is a good example. Through our partnership with OfficeLuv, we want to help you continue the tradition of treating your employees, even while they are not in the office.

Employee Goods Ordering Platform

Your ordering platform is a curated product catalog of the items that your team wants and needs, and is unique to your organization.

An easy to manage subsidy program allows you to cover each employee at a set amount per month (no more one-off expense reports)

Tracking and reporting is built right into the platform (your accounting team will thank you)

Just like employer paid Fooda events, you receive a single invoice 

Set your employees up for success in their remote environments by offering them easy access to employer-paid goods.

Delicious Treats 
Your employees miss the thoughtful touches like office snacks. The Remote Employee Marketplace gives your team an easy way to select the treats they love. Cold brew coffee, herbal tea, multigrain chips, granola bars, kettle chips… hungry yet? 

Ongoing perks, supported by your monthly employee stipend

Office Supplies
No one enjoys a last minute trip to the office box store. Equip your team to be prepared with the essentials they need like dry erase boards & markers, printer paper, and just about anything else they need. 

Support for remote one-off employee onboarding

Office Setup
Help your employees bring the creature comforts of your professional office to their homes. Ergonomic desks, computer monitors, swivel chairs, desk lamps, paper notebooks, and a fistfull of gel ink pens. The Remote Employee Marketplace offers everything your new employees need to launch.

Mobile Order Ahead for all Fooda Products

At Popup, in a Food Hall, or with Fooda Delivery, you can now order your food before you go for a safe contactless meal.

Order and pay in the app. 
We’ll let you know when your lunch is ready! Just head over to the Popup station with your unique order number and grab your food. 

Workplace Convenience Services

For workplaces looking for an on-trend experience, Fooda teams up with local operators to offer locally sourced high quality food and coffee through our flexible convenience services. 


Fooda Pantry is an exciting employer-paid snacks and coffee program that teams love.

Fooda Market is an on-trend grab-and-go micro-market with easy employee-paid self checkout.


For companies that care about employee engagement and need to stand out in a competitive job market, Fooda Pantries provide fresh, quality snacks and coffee that is sourced locally. As a high impact daily perk, Fooda Pantry helps encourage people to be excited about being in the workplace.

For workplaces that care about having outstanding onsite amenities, Fooda Markets provide employees with reasonably priced, delicious food and beverages. 


Agile inventory and service offerings

Fooda searches for the best operators in each market. Our model is based on local choices, rather than national contracts.

Partnered with Leading Local Providers

Programs tailored to meet changing needs and headcounts

Flexible & Customizable

A one-stop shop that covers all needs

Single Source

Available in every region in the US and Canada 

Widespread Presence

A Strong Business Partner

Services are driven by technology and data

High Tech

Fooda consistently delivers on key promises for all clients across all products. 

Our fully customizable convenience programs leverage the best in class local providers you love. And since we are not limited to specific partnerships, we can search out and partner with only the best providers. Flexible and scalable, Fooda programs are based on modern client needs like shifting populations. Most importantly, the programs are exciting and create reasons to love and look forward to coming into the workplace.