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225 W Randolph St, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60606
O: 312.662.6539    |    F: 312.264.0673

© Copyright 2018   |   Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy

Local Popup Restaurants Serving Employees Onsite

A safe and cost effective way to help your teams stay productive and happy while supporting local business.

How Do Popup Restaurants at Manufacturing Facilities Work?
Every day, a different local restaurant visits your facility during shift breaks and sells fresh food to your employees. Meals are affordable and restaurants are selected based on the needs of your team.

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Turnkey and fully managed
by Fooda
Fooda's team handles all logistics. Zero day-to-day management is required from your staff.

We understand Manufacturing
Fooda understands the complexities of shift work and the varied needs of people from the front office to the front lines. Our program keeps everyone happy at work.

Trusted across the country
Fooda is trusted by leading companies to safely feed their employees.

Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

Single Onsite Food Solution Managed by Fooda

Formally trained staff follow procedures to keep your team safe
Each team member serving at Fooda events is up-to-date on the most recent food handler safety certifications and training.

Limiting exposure
Fooda’s tightly controlled onsite program limits the number of food service visitors to 1-3 people.

Leaving Employees on their own during their breaks

One off deliveries = More people at the facility
A constant flow of different 3rd party delivery people coming and going in and out of different locations carries risk.

Employees are at risk when they leave to collect take out
Employees wait in lines with other people who may not be following safety protocols. 

Safety matters: The Fooda advantage

Boost Onsite Food Options

Fooda can be an all encompassing solution or simply a way to augment existing food services at your facility. Whether you have a micro-market, 24/7 vending, or a cafeteria, Fooda works alongside your current providers. It's an added option for fresh cuisine that supports locally owned restaurants.