Flexible Food Programs
for Hospitals, Served by Local Restaurants

Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

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Elevate Your Hospital's Food Services

Fooda Popup Stations provide a convenient and delicious solution for hospitals. With local restaurants serving fresh, authentic food, everyone from staff to visitors can enjoy a satisfying meal. Our rotating restaurant schedule ensures a diverse range of meals, making it convenient and appealing for staff to stay onsite.

Fooda Popup Stations:
A Flexible Solution

With our trained and certified local restaurant staff, your workforce can enjoy delicious, fresh, and authentic food right inside your hospital. Our flexible approach takes into account the complexities faced by hospitals, including staffing shortages, existing food service agreements, and other challenges faced by hospitals.

Our modern food program offers cost-effective and scalable solutions that will adapt to your changing needs without the constraints of rigid contracts.

Your Program Supports Local Businesses

The social movement to support local restaurants has never been stronger than it is today. Communities are empathetic to the fact that restaurants have gone through extended periods with empty dining rooms. A great way to help restore local restaurants is to provide the opportunity for them to serve inside your hospital. 


24/7 vending options
Guaranteed access to snacks and beverages at all hours.

Micromarkets with prepackaged items
Prepackaged grab and go options when people need food outside of regular lunch hours.

Barista service
As your capacity increases, onsite coffee breaks are an added perk that keep your tenants energized throughout the day.

Event catering
For all types of meetings and events, Fooda facilitates catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Advantage of Scaling with Fooda

Fooda’s ability to curate a plan tailored to your hospital’s needs will only result in cost savings. Our program can complement what self-operating hospitals already have in place and your staff will look forward to fresh and exciting meals each day because of it. 

Fooda's Scalable Approach Adapts to Your Budget & Population

With changing population numbers, your Fooda program can start small (e.g. a single restaurant Popup) and scale up to include multiple stations. Unlike legacy 3rd party cafeteria providers, Fooda will create a custom-tailored plan to meet your hospital’s unique needs each step of the way.

Your 3rd Party Cafeteria Provider

One size does not fit all
With a full staff and high operating costs, traditional cafe providers cannot always provide the flexibility to curate a contract that meets your needs, nor do they offer the authenticity or variety that Fooda can facilitate.

Contracts are too rigid 
In today's reality, traditional cafe providers lack the flexibility to add or remove services based on your needs.

Traditional operators lack authenticity
Corporate food service conglomerates lack the authenticity and variety that Fooda provides. With higher costs and predictable menus, it can be hard to rejuvenate your cafeteria and sustain an onsite food program.

Fooda's Scalable Approach

Scale up, or down, based on your budget and population
Your Fooda program can start small (e.g. a single restaurant Popup) and scale up to a fully operational cafe as participation increases.

Support authentic local restaurants
By weaving local restaurants into your current foodservice plan, your hospital can make an impact. Fooda’s entire program is driven by local restaurants. We work with 1,700 restaurants across the country to bring high quality food to hospitals and clinics.

See morale rise
Rather than venture out for food, employees are encouraged to stay onsite, where they can enjoy a high variety of authentic food from visiting local restaurants and connect with other staff members over a delicious meal.