Fooda Express Solution

In today’s world of uncertain headcounts and changing workplace needs, self-service options are a smart decision. When combined with supplementary hot food options like pre-scheduled Restaurant Popups, workplaces can provide their employees with single-sourced 24/7 convenience as well as authentic restaurant experiences. 

Elevated Self Services: 24/7 Convenience

Uncertain Headcounts

Changing populations call for flexibility. On days when numbers are low, use the micro-market. When your headcount increases, bring in the full onsite Popup experience

Meet all dietary requirements, wellness initiatives, or site-specific requests


Employers can subsidize at any dollar amount, at the per-transaction level

Subsidies are Easy

Local vendors, fully managed by Fooda (one contract covers it all)

Single Source Solution

The world has changed. Now is a good time to take 5 minutes and chat with Fooda about how we can meet your needs today and into the future.

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Agile, with inventory and service offerings that scale up or down as required 

Scalable Solution

Easily track orders and anticipate future needs 

Data Reporting

A smart business decision for today's world that will make employees happy.


Rotating Restaurant Popups: A Hot Food Experience

Why Fooda Express Solutions are a Smart Business Decision

Support Local & Diverse Businesses

Locally sourced items in micro-markets, locally owned restaurants serving at Popup events 

Plus order ahead (for Popup events) 

Contactless Payment

Selections from diverse cuisine types and variety of experiences to look forward to (e.g. onsite visiting restaurants)


Plenty of choices for people who want to stay healthy

Healthy Options

Why Fooda Express Solutions make Employees Happy