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Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

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Introducing the Remote Employee Marketplace. An online platform to supply your team with the products they love when they are working from home. 

Employee Goods Ordering Platform

See how a custom built Remote Employee Marketplace can work for your organization.

Learn more by talking with a Fooda team member today. 

The Remote Employee Marketplace is everything you already love about Fooda. It’s easy to use and focuses on delighting your employees.

Your ordering platform is a curated product catalog of the items that your team wants and needs, and is unique to your organization.

Delicious Treats 
Your employees miss the thoughtful touches like office snacks and food. The Remote Employee Marketplace gives your team an easy way to select the treats they love. Cold brew coffee, herbal tea, multigrain chips, dark chocolate and sea salt granola bars, kettle chips… hungry yet? 

Set your employees up for success in their remote environments by offering them easy access to employer-paid goods.

Your organization has a strong track record of valuing your people. Your on-site food-at-work program is a good example. Through our partnership with OfficeLuv, we want to help you continue the tradition of treating your employees, even while they are not in the office.

Ongoing perks, supported by your monthly employee stipend

Office Supplies
No one enjoys a last minute trip to the office box store. Equip your team to be prepared with the essentials they need like dry erase boards and markers, printer paper, and just about anything else you can think of.

Support for remote one-off employee onboarding

Office Setup
Help your employees bring the creature comforts of your professional office to their homes. Ergonomic desks, computer monitors, swivel chairs, desk lamps, paper notebooks, and a fistfull of gel ink pens. The Remote Employee Marketplace offers everything your new employees need to launch. 

Why use the Remote Employee Marketplace?

One consolidated payment for all Work From Home solutions

Smart spending - only pay for funds actually used to purchase eligible supplies

Curated Catalog - ensuring stipend is spent on work related needs

Easy, streamlined process for all parties - employees, finance, HR, management, etc

Instant spend reports of all employee purchases

Remote Employee Marketplace

Employees submitting individual expense reports

An easy to manage subsidy program allows you to cover each employee at a set amount per month (no more one-off expense reports)

Tracking and reporting is built right into the platform (your accounting team will thank you)

Just like employer paid Fooda events, you receive a single invoice 

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