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225 W Randolph St, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60606
O: 312.662.6539    |    F: 312.264.0673

© Copyright 2018   |   Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy

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Food at work is evolving in significant ways in 2021. Leaders responsible for bringing employees back to the workplace should be aware of important changes. 

This webinar covers everything you need to know: 

  1. When are most companies planning to bring back 50%+ of their workforce? What are organizations planning to do about food at work when they return? We’ll explore recent survey results. 

  2. What are innovative ways in which companies are currently engaging employees through physical goods and food, while employees are working from home?

  3. See specific examples of what Fooda is doing right now to feed people who are currently working onsite and what we plan to do in a post-vaccine world.

Understanding important changes and reimagining the future with local restaurants