As we look forward to settling into a new normal, we do so with health and safety as our number one priority. Now, more than ever, we are eager to reconnect with friends and colleagues. We hope that these reunions are just around the corner, and so is lunch from Fooda. 

We’re enhancing your in-house food program to protect your well-being so you can look forward to enjoying lunch at work in a safe and healthy environment. 

Our teams have taken measures to continue to serve you fresh and delicious meals in a controlled setting by trained and certified staff.

Health and Safety in a COVID-19 World

Increased prepackaged menu offerings. Utensils and condiments are individually sealed

On-site Fooda equipment and restaurant facilities undergo  deep cleanings and sanitation using hospital grade solutions

Staff members are required to wear face masks at all times

Company-wide ServSafe® certifications for all Fooda staff members

Social distancing measures in place at Fooda events

New contactless 
payment options

Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

The need to support local restaurants continues to be more important than ever. Communities are empathetic to the fact that restaurants have gone through extended periods with empty dining rooms. Your in-house Fooda solution provides a meaningful way to restore your favorite restaurants’ businesses within the safety of your workplace.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fooda responding to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Your well-being remains our number one priority. Fooda has adjusted our operational procedures in accordance with updates from the CDC, FDA and state and local health departments. We have implemented new solutions to support our restaurant partners and remain committed to leading the standard in providing safe and delicious food options at work.   


What additional safety measures is Fooda implementing with its partner restaurants? 
In addition to implementing deep cleaning and sanitation of all Fooda equipment and restaurant facilities, we are requiring all servers to wear appropriate PPE, and we developed new contactless payment options.


Will anything change with my Fooda service? 
In addition to social distancing measures and readily available hand sanitizer stations, we have  developed contactless payment options.


Should I be concerned about the safety of my Fooda meal?
The FDA reports no evidence suggesting that COVID-19 is a foodborne illness.


I’m worried about long lines at my Fooda Popup, how do you enforce social distancing? 
We work with our clients to implement and encourage social distancing practices including signage and markers throughout the space.


What makes Fooda safer than other food options?
Fooda provides a tightly-controlled onsite lunch solution. Since only an average of two people are required to staff most Fooda events, exposure is greatly reduced. With fresh and delicious restaurant food served directly inside your office, you have the option to stay onsite, rather than venture outside for take out. 

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Times Have Changed

Redefining Meals at Work

How else has Fooda helped the local community?
Fooda has 
partnered with Feed the Frontlines. The organization serves meals to healthcare workers at no cost, using food purchased from local restaurants suffering from lost business. Through the partnership, Fooda is committed to providing more options to our friends in healthcare, helping our restaurant partners find opportunities to sell food, and encouraging our community to donate to the cause.

Will my Fooda service be impacted if more of my colleagues are working from home?
As with all restaurant-centered events, success depends on numbers. In order to maintain a sustainable workplace food program in environments where office populations can vary, Fooda gives employers the option to subsidize meals. We hope that a meal at a reduced cost makes the choice to support local restaurants during your lunch break more accessible.

How are you supporting local restaurants during this crisis?
Fooda is doing everything possible to bring your favorite restaurants back to the workplace. The business you provide to these restaurants is a meaningful source of revenue for them, especially at a time when traffic at their stores is reduced.

Additionally, Fooda has been closely in touch with our restaurant partners frequently throughout this COVID-19 period, offering guidance in areas like Paycheck Protection Program loan applications, food safety training classes, and opportunities to participate in programs like Feed the Frontlines.  

Your In-house Fooda Solution 

Formally trained staff follow procedures to keep your team safe
Each team member serving at Fooda events is up-to-date on the most recent food handler safety certifications and training.

Limiting exposure
Fooda’s tightly controlled onsite program limits the number of food service visitors.

Ordering from Multiple Delivery Platforms or Take out 

Multiple deliveries = Increased exposure
A constant flow of different 3rd party delivery staff visiting your building and handling your food carries risks.

Take out = Increased exposure
Take out requires waiting with other people in spaces with unknown safety protocols. It also increases the traffic in and out of your building at lunch time.

In Food Halls and Cafes, staff members complete a health screen before each shift

In Food Halls and Cafes, high-touch food areas follow frequent cleaning checklists with hospital grade solutions

Welcome Back Returning Teams with a Subsidized Lunch Program

Are you a manager interested in keeping your team safe and rewarded upon their return? Partial or full lunch subsidies increase morale and encourage employees to remain safely on site. 

Fooda subsidies are easy and can be set at any dollar amount. Employees check out using the Fooda app and the employer-sponsored portion of the check is automatically deducted from the total. Employees simply pay the remaining balance. Learn more in this video (please note, this was filmed prior to the global health crises).