Supporting Local Restaurants at Work Makes an Impact

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The evolution of food at work is happening right now

Times have changed. Old school food service models have quickly become obsolete. This change has been in the works for a while.

For customers, declining food quality and menu fatigue meant that lunch was no longer special. For employers, rigid contracts and high operational costs meant that doing business with food service companies was becoming increasingly difficult.

We’ve always believed that people deserve something better, which is why Fooda’s offerings have always been about evolution. Employees should love and look forward to their lunch every day. Employers deserve more flexibility and options for their unique scenarios.

Core Benefits You Can Expect from All Fooda Products

A daily rotating Popup restaurant program managed by Fooda is like having indoor food trucks scheduled far in advance, with the option to subsidize meals for employees (fully, partially, or not at all). Learn more

Cafeteria Replacement
Legacy cafeterias are evolving into a next generation solution that saves money and never gets boring. Fooda replaces traditional food service providers with local, authentic restaurants that people love outside of work. Learn more

Individual Lunch Delivery
Employees place their own orders, picking from rotating restaurants. All orders are delivered at once by a dedicated staff member, certified according to the highest health standards and trained to work inside your building. Learn more

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Formally trained staff follow procedures to keep your team safe
Each team member serving at Fooda events is up-to-date on the most recent food handler safety certifications and training. 

Limiting exposure
Fooda’s tightly controlled onsite program limits the number of food service visitors.

Local restaurants are recovering from some of the most difficult hardships they have ever encountered. A great way to help them restore business is to provide them with the opportunity to serve your team. Fooda’s entire program is driven by local restaurants.

Reopening and welcoming back employees is typically being done in phases. We understand that your organization may have unique food needs each step of the way. Your dedicated Fooda team will work with you on a custom tailored plan for your organization.

We all are charting unknown territories as we look to the new reality. With low population numbers, your Fooda program can start small (e.g. a single restaurant Popup) and scale up to a fully operational cafe as you welcome teams back in greater numbers.

Leader in food at work safety

Support authentic local restaurants

Custom-built programs

Scale up, or down, based on your budget and population

Employers can subsidize individual employee meals at any dollar amount

Most companies provide their team with some degree of subsidy. By contributing to all or even just a fraction of employee meals, people are encouraged to stay in and stay safe during lunch. 

Our teams have taken measures to continue to serve you fresh and delicious meals in a controlled setting by trained and certified staff.

Health and Safety in a Post COVID-19 World

Increase of prepackaged menu offerings, and utensils and condiments are individually sealed

On-site Fooda equipment and restaurant facilities will undergo initial cleanings and sanitation using hospital grade solutions

Staff members required to wear face masks at all times

Company-wide ServSafe® certifications for all Fooda staff members

Social distancing measures in place at Fooda events

New contactless ordering and payment options

In Food Halls and Cafes, staff members complete a health screen before each shift

In Food Halls and Cafes, high touch food areas follow frequent cleaning checklists with hospital grade solutions

Cafeteria Replacement

Legacy cafeterias are evolving into a next generation solution that saves money and never gets boring. Fooda replaces traditional food service providers with local, authentic restaurants that people love outside of work.

Location: Chicago, IL
Property Type: Multi-tenant Office Building 

Switching Stations is a full service cafeteria replacement solution with two resident vendors and two rotating daily popup restaurants. Named a Best Concept by Food Management Magazine, the Fooda model reduces overhead, increases participation, and delights employees with hiquality, authentic food. 

Walk around one of Fooda's Food Halls and see example menus and schedules.

Take a tour of a Fooda Food Hall

Food Management Magazine Names Fooda's Fooda Hall At Hyatt's HQ Best New Facility

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NOTE: This video was filmed before COVID-19. Please view it to understand how the Fooda program works.